fear small LOVE BIG: a perfect antidote to the
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fear small LOVE BIG

How to survive a chaotic world


Enough of this!

I know there is more.

I know it at my very core.

What it is I want to find,

lies behind

the fractured screen

of my mind.

It is the certain, ground of being

that lies beyond the dimmed

and intoxicating¹¹ veil

of my seeing.

I choose now to change

the way I deal

with my life,

once again, as I realise,

that rabid corporations

and ambitious men,

relentlessly and ruthlessly, exploit

the very nature of my mind

to polarise.

Carelessly, wielding

the sceptre of stolen, sovereign power,

their misguided manipulation

and my over-reliance on thought,

have effectively wrought

the equivalence of nought,


With breath-taking temerity,

in deploying such fake sincerity,

they are hell-bent on destroying

our culture and now fragile society.¹²

This phantom of phenomena

that so distracts and conceals

and forges a tempting,

endless path to my mind,

so supposedly real.

Relentless, in its drive,

in pursuit of the prize,

the germ of consent,

thus generated,

damns all to

karmic servitude.

This will persist,

until we get real,

resist and step off

the peddled wheel

of avarice and greed

and take heed

of what another might need.

To renew this broken frame

and reclaim

our sovereignty,

we need only remember

once again, consciously,

how to feel.

Let me be clear,

there is neither nostalgia

nor effort here.

In feeling, I can simply find my way

and make a fresh, new, certain start

and in every moment of every day,

a tinge of certainty, suddenly,

surprisingly, begins to hold sway.

It is now assuredly,

and abundantly, clear to me,

that I can only truly know

what it is to be real,

when I feel it

in the neglected chambers

of my heart.

The exhaustive, effort

of retreating to the veil behind

my vulnerable and incorrigible mind

can now be left behind,

as it laboriously continues

its computational task.

A conceptual simulation?

A clever algorithm?

Designed, to compare and contrast,

on its arduous, unending,

ultimately disappointing,¹³

solitary and limiting quest?

Just-in-time, this illusory identity,

this great deception,

this awareness of awareness,

The Emperor’s New Self,

can be returned, ready for use,

at a moment’s notice,

onto the tool shed’s shelf.

As I embark on a journey,

so potent and profound,

in a state of clarence¹⁴

that conjures a feeling,

akin to the warmth

from a curled up, drowsy kitten,

nestled comfortable and safe,

purring upon on my breast.

Wherein, my simmering,

true potential, my very soul,

can quietly be found,

beyond the maelstrom of my mind,

where it has lain patiently waiting,

deep within the comfort

of my chest.



¹¹ ‘I was never addicted to one thing. I was addicted to filling a void within myself, with things other than my own self.’ – Young Pueblo

¹² John Hamer – The Falsification of History (and Science) published by Rossendale Books

¹³ Inspired by the book Krishnamurti and the Unity of Man by Carlo

Suares, published in 1982 by Chetana, wherein Krishnamurti describes the moment when we become finally and fully disappointed by the mind.

¹⁴ Both a horse-drawn carriage with a clear glass front and the heir apparent within the British Monarchy – A Sovereign travelling with clarity!

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About the author
Andrew Harry

A proud Cornishman, Andrew Harry hails from the beautiful Lizard Peninsula.
He ran away to sea at 17 and for many years afterwards lived on his eco-barge Prydwen on the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal.
He has been a board member of the UK Polarity Therapy Association since 2007.
Andrew now lives with his wife Joy, both grounded in the splendour and raw energy of their homeland of West Cornwall.

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